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Zoom Teeth Whitening – Washington, PA

Creating Dramatically Brighter Smiles In One Appointment

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Stain and discolored teeth can make even the most enjoyable event miserable. When you see others with bright, shiny teeth, you may wonder why you can’t achieve the same kind of smile. Well, guess what? You can! With Zoom Teeth Whitening in Washington, you can have a dramatically brighter smile in just one appointment! Dr. Edward J. Roman, a cosmetic dentist in Washington, can give you dazzling results and have you on your way with a newer, more confident smile! Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

What is Zoom Teeth Whitening?

Before and after image of a teeth whitening treatment

If you want a fast and effective treatment, Zoom teeth whitening can offer the results you’re looking for in less time than traditional teeth whitening. Depending on the severity of your staining or discoloration, Zoom teeth whitening can lighten your teeth by several shades. This in-office procedure requires multiple applications of high-grade bleaching gel and the use of a state-of-the-art laser to create beautiful results. 

How Does it Work?

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Simple and effective, this teeth whitening procedure lifts stains and brightens your teeth quicker. Typically taking around an hour to complete, your dentist in Washington will apply the high-power bleaching gel to your teeth. Depending on the desired results and the level of staining on your teeth, it might take multiple applications. We’ll apply it in 15-minute increments.

The bleaching gel will penetrate your tooth enamel and dentin once Dr. Roman activates his state-of-the-art laser. Once he is satisfied with the application process, you’ll be leaving our office with a brighter smile that’ll be the envy of those around you!

What Are the Benefits of Zoom Teeth Whitening?

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  • Time: Want to take a longer lunch break to whiten your teeth? You can! The entire process takes about an hour, so you can be back to work quickly, and don’t forget, donning a show-stopping smile!
  • It’s Safe: While having your Zoom teeth whitening treatment, your teeth are the only things exposed to the laser, so there’s no concern for burn or damage to your lips, gums, or any other parts of your mouth.
  • No Pain: Want a treatment that is pain-free? Zoom teeth whitening is completely pain-free, and while you might experience a small bit of sensitivity during the treatment, it quickly goes away.
  • Greater Confidence: In just one session, you’ll see beautiful, lasting results. Not only will it increase the brightness of your smile, but it will last longer than any over-the-counter teeth whitening kit.
  • Professional Application: Choosing to allow Dr. Roman to administer Zoom teeth whitening proves that you are invested in quality treatment. Too many people want to do it on their own and end up with less than stellar results. However, a dental professional knows how to properly apply the gel and work with the laser to create a dazzling smile.