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Healthy Smile Gallery

Do you ever wonder what you’d look like with a great new smile?

After analyzing your current smile and designing a new one for you, we can use digital photography and diagnostic wax models to show you how you’ll look after your dental work is completed.

To give you an idea of what’s possible, we’ve included some before and after shots of some of our patients. Their big smiles show just how happy they are!

Closeup of discolored front teeth
Closeup of brilliant white smile
Man with discolored front teeth
Man wiht flawless smile
Closeup of smile before treatment
Closeup of smile after treatment
Woman with beautiful smile
Man with irregular front teeth
Man with flawless front teeth
Discolored smile
Flawless smile
Closeup of damaged and discolored smle
Closeup of brilliant white smile
Older man hiding his smile
Older man smiling happily
Closeup of yellowed top teeth
Closeup of brilliant white smile
Woman with yellowed top teeth
Woman with birlliant white smile
Discolored and damaged smile closeup
Flawlessly restored smile closeup
Young man with attractive smile
Closeup of unhealthy teeth and gums
Closeup of healthy teeth and gums
Woman with healthy teeth and gums
Gap between front teeth
Closed gap between front teeth
Woman with perfectly aligned smile
Severely decayed and damaged teeth
Perfectly repaired teeth
Man with perfectly repaired smile
Yellow smile
Flawless white smile
Missing and damaged top teeth
Replaced and repaired top teeth
Older man with missing and damaged top teeth
Older man with repaired and replaced top teeth
Severely discolored teeth closeup
Healthy white smile closeup
Discolored and decayed teeth closeup
Healthy bright smile closeup