Advanced Dental Technology – Washington, PA

Greater Efficiency & Patient Comfort

As a dental practice that has been a part of the Washington community for more than four decades, we have seen dentistry change over the years. Now, as a modern office that is invested in delivering innovative solutions to our patients, we incorporate only the latest, most advanced technologies available. From digital X-rays and intraoral cameras to digital impressions and soft tissue lasers, we make oral healthcare more efficient while ensuring optimal patient comfort.

Digital Impressions

Whether you need a custom restoration or are receiving a general wellness scan during a regular checkup, our iTero digital scanner makes it easy. The handheld device scans the mouth, taking images of your teeth and gums before displaying the scans on a chairside monitor. Here, our team can make adjustments should a restoration be needed. We can also explain problem areas that may require treatment.

Soft Tissue Laser

When it comes to treating the soft tissue inside the mouth, traditional scalpels and sutures can require long recovery times. However, with a soft tissue laser, patients can undergo a less invasive process. With the concentrated beam of light that is emitted, the laser gently removes the tissue, leaving all other areas untouched. Because it can cauterize while it cuts, bleeding and swelling are minimized, and the chances of an infection forming after treatment are reduced because of the laser’s ability to sterilize the area as well.

Intraoral Camera

Giving patients a first-hand, real-time viewing of what is going on inside the mouth might seem like an impossible reality, but with an intraoral camera, the process is easier than ever! The handheld, pen-like device is equipped with a small camera on its tip that snaps pictures of teeth and gums and projects them onto a chairside monitor. Used as a way to examine a patient’s smile more carefully, this technology also serves as a resource to educate individuals on the importance of optimal oral health.

Digital X-Rays

Our portable digital X-ray machine is easy to use and takes much less time than traditional radiographs. Emitting far less radiation, it produces higher-resolution images so that our dental team can clearly see the area beneath the gumline. We can also use them to show patients any potential areas of damage or decay that may be affecting their oral health. They are safe for patients of all ages and allow for more efficient dental appointments as well.