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Custom Dental Crowns & Bridges in Washington

Older man with healthy smileNo one should have to live from day to day with teeth that are hurting, injured, or even missing altogether. Our staff offers several quality restorative dentistry options for patients from California, PA and surrounding areas, including custom crowns and bridges that are designed to restore much-needed oral strength and structure to a lacking smile. Dr. Edward Roman, Dr. David Vaughan, and their associate Dr. Alicia Yokum are always here to help in a comfortable, experienced atmosphere where patients feel right at home. Contact our Washington, PA location today to schedule your first appointment, or if you have questions or concerns we can help you with.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are designed to cover the visible surface of one individual tooth, providing it with stability, improved aesthetic appearance, and function. Our doctors recommend dental crowns for a wide variety of patient needs including the following:

Dental Bridges

If you’re struggling with tooth loss but aren’t interested in the removable nature of dentures, dental bridges provide a more permanent and sturdier solution for patients from Prosperity, PA and surrounding areas. This prosthetic is designed to replace one or more missing teeth in a row along the same arch. Dental crowns are attached to healthy teeth on either side of the gap “anchoring” the bridge in place and rendering it non-removable.

Both dental crowns and bridges are created through the same essential process, typically requiring two to three appointments to fully complete. Our doctors will prepare the tooth and/or teeth in question and take detailed impressions that are sent to a trusted dental laboratory. We’ll provide a temporary restoration in the meantime so your daily life isn’t disrupted during the wait. Once the finished product arrives at our practice, we bring you back in to make any necessary, last minute adjustments and then cement the new crown and/or bridge securely in place for a satisfying result.